Blueberry Scones with Lemon Icing

Quite possibly the best thing I baked during Lockdown and haven’t stopped baking it since. The recipe can be found at Sally’s Baking Addiction – Honestly just try it!


Cat Photo of the Day: “What do you mean you can’t stop the rain?!”


Song of the Day: Prefab Sprout – Green Isaac
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Watermelon Cakes

Watermelon cakes? All lies! This looks like one but doesn’t actually taste like one. It’s a soft vanilla sponge with a jam filled centre and chocolate tips for seed-like decoration.


Cat Photo of the Day: Waking up with back pain makes sense when you wake up to this at the bottom of your bed.


Song of the Day: Joan Armatrading – Me Myself I
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Hot Cross Bun Cakes

Improvising during lockdown means that because all the yeast has gone missing, you can’t actually make hot cross buns this year and have to make hot cross bun cakes instead. These were spiced exactly like a bun but the cross was made with a delicious orange zest butter cream, which was a welcome addition.


Cat Photo of the Day: Teepee is the queen of sabotage. Video call? Sabotaged. Trying to use the toilet in peace? Sabotaged. Taking photos of food… well, you get the gist.


Song of the Day: Yukiko Okada – Summer Beach
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Vegan Pancakes

Flipping ‘eck Pancake day is soon here, already. Thought I’d try something difference and fancy this year with these amazing vegan pancakes, griddled cinnamon plums and toasted walnuts. The plums were bought from a recent visit to Borough Market, which is a must see when in London.


Cat Photo of the Day: Rory’s face is my face when I wake up and find no pancakes at the end of the bed.


Song of the Day: Tatsuro Yamashita – Sparkle
Currently Watching: Good Omens and The Crown 

Chocolate Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate chip cookies, with melted chocolate and lots of sprinkles. What’s not to love.


Cat Photo of the Day: Rory here making an effort this Valentines in his bow tie. His plans tonight will be marking his territory in the garden, eating a measly amount of cat food then demanding chicken and finally sleeping but stretching so long he takes up the whole bed so you’re legs can’t fit anywhere. He’s his own Valentine, for sure.


Song of the Day: Barry White – Standing in the Shadows of Love
Currently Watching: Mr Robot Season 4  

Festive Stem Ginger Fudge

Warming and sweet, these are my stem ginger festive fudge treats, given to friends and family during the Christmas season. They should come with a warning as they are very more-ish and easy to make.

Ginger Fudge edit 2CopyRightGinger Fudge EditCopyRight

Cat Photo of the Day: Well if this isn’t a picture of pure comfort!


Song of the Day: The O’Jays – I Can Hardly Wait ‘Til Christmas
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Spiced Oat and Banana Biscuits

A taste of Autumn with every bite – Mixed spice and banana oat biscuits that go perfect with a hot chocolate and Baileys.

Autumn BakesInsta8CopyRightAutumn BakesInsta6CopyRight

Cat Photo of the Day: Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. This is quite clearly not a cat. Nope, this is in fact Cilla the squirrel who will wait at the window for nuts and you will give Cilla nuts because no one can say no to Cilla!


Song of the Day: Captain Sensible – There’s More Snakes Than Ladders
Currently Watching: Rilakkuma and Kaouru 

Bonfire Cupcakes

Bonfire or cake? The Choice is yours to make. Made these chocolate orange bonfire cupcakes for Guy Fawkes Night but I may have tested one before then. Yum.

cake 2Copyrightcake 1Copyright

Cat Photo of the Day: Not the cat’s favourite night Bonfire Night, they are bigger fans of International Cat Day which they believe should be everyday and every night in fact.


Song of the Day: Mariya Takeuchi – September
Currently Watching: Derry Girls

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Boo! I’ve got my eyes on you this Halloween. These chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream icing are more cute than scary I think.


Autumn BakesInsta2Copyright

Cat Photo of the Day: The scariest thing for cats at Halloween is their owner taking a photo of them while bathing.

editIMG_9839 2editcopy

Song of the Day: Peter Brown – Dance With Me
Currently Watching: Hilda and Over The Garden Wall (Again)

Here is a lino print I did for Halloween, it’s cat themed so still on brand!


Yorkshire Puddings

Success at last! Thanks to Nancy Birtwhistle, winner of Great British Bake Off, there are no longer flat stodgy puds to be had in this house. Now then, can I wait until next Sunday to make some more?


Cat Photo of the Day:Teepee isn’t territorial about the house, she’s just a curtain twitcher that likes to get the low down on what’s happening outside.


Song of the Day: Styx – Mr Roboto
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